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Where to Live in Santa Fe

Written by Shelly Wyatt.

The districts in Santa Fe in brief

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a beautiful city packed with surprises. One will be amazed at the many interesting and vibrant neighborhoods located here. Santa Fe real estate varies greatly based on what neighborhood you are interested in moving to. Read More about Santa Fe Real Estate.

The Plaza

The Plaza is a cultural hub and the center of the city’s tourism and popular culture. Here one will find delightful boutiques, galleries and restaurants; this area seems to be the primary place of interest for the residents of Santa Fe. The town is filled with interesting and historic places to visit. At The Plaza one will find the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Palace of the Governors, New Mexico History Museum and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Live music often reverberates from The Plaza, and the streets are packed with the locals, vendors and artists. This is a living, breathing, city filled with excitement and entertainment. The Plaza is not a residential neighborhood, but it is the cultural epicenter of all things Santa Fe.

Historic Guadalupe

This neighborhood in Santa Fe received its name from historic Guadalupe Street the ancient route from Mexico to New Mexico. Nowadays the streets are a hustling and bustling Market Place it is now a favorite among the Santa Fe residents for the shops and restaurants. One will find this neighborhood is characterized by the historic architecture and is home to the city’s art scene. Guadalupe is more commercial than residential.

Canyon Road

Canyon Road extends from the center of Santa Fe east towards the Santa Fe National Park. Don’t let this sleepy looking neighborhood fool you, it may appear desolate but it isn’t. One will find beautiful homes tucked away behind walled compounds, there are also many Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants and art galleries housed in historic haciendas. Lower Canyon Road is home to the city's main art district, while Upper Canyon Road is replete with luxury real estate.

Cerrillos Road

This area is Santa Fe’s busiest boulevard with the largest amount of contemporary hotels. One will find many retail outlets, including the Villa Linda Mall. This mall is the largest indoor shopping mall in the city. Anyone looking for accommodations will find they are, for the most part, cheaper and more convenient, but be prepared the traffic is very heavy during peak tourist seasons. There are a lot of homes just a few blocks off Cerrillos, and most homes are cheaper the further south from the Plaza you go.

Pecos Trail

The Pecos Trail extends south from the Plaza and was, at one time, used be the Spanish and Mexicans as a main road into the city. This area does not offer a great selection of accommodations, but if one were to look one could find a few stylish accommodations and boutiques. The Santa Fe Children’s Museum is located here; it features a range of exhibits that include everything from ecosystems to scientific experiments. Homes off Pecos Trail run the gamut from expensive to inexpensive.

Head north of the Plaza into the Santa Fe suburbs and encounter some of Santa Fe’s more modern tourist attractions. It is here that one will find Camel Rock Casino, Ten Thousand Waves Spa, and the famous Santa Fe Opera.

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