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There are wonderful areas found in Santa Fe and there are also great structures that reflect the history and story of the area. What makes its residents and its visitors love to stay in Santa Fe are the convenience and safety of its public transportation. If you want to become more familiar with this place, you can explore it on foot and take a look at the finest spots you will ever see along the way.

On the other hand, you can try its public fixed route bus services. Santa Fe Trails provides public transportation along fixed routes. Students, disabled, children and seniors who are riding buses on various regular routes have been eligible for bus fare discounts. Some working individuals are eligible for transportation discounts to any work and other work-related activities.

However, you have to be aware that there will be no evening services and limited during Saturdays. There are 9 buses for Santa Fe Trails that link downtown to the outlying areas. The M Line that runs from Plaza going to Museum Hill is one of the most useful public transit routes for people who are exploring Santa Fe's culture. This is a 20-minute ride that departs every hour from the Transit Center on Sheridan Avenue.


Santa Fe Public Transit Fares

Adults (18-59): $1.00 per trip. $2.00 for a day pass. $20.00 for a 31-day pass.

Seniors (60+) and persons with disabilities: $.50 per trip. $1.00 for a day pass. $10.00 for a 31-day pass.

Under 18: FREE

To purchase a pass, you can do so at the following locations:

  • On the buses (cash only)
  • At the Santa Fe Trails main office located at 2931 Rufina St. (cash or check)
  • At the Santa Fe Place Mall business office (cash only) 
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