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Street Art from Carol M. Highsmith's America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs DivisionStreet Art from Carol M. Highsmith's America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division
8th Avenue South

Located near downtown, this district is known for its antique stores along Eighth Avenue. This neighborhood is also home to Zanies Comedy Club which boasts a history of featuring famous comedians and has an ongoing open mic night.


Home to kitschy boutiques, great coffee, and chic spas, 12South is a new neighborhood that's quickly becoming the place to be. Between Wedgewood Ave and Gale Lane, Metro Public Works began a project to revitalize this neighborhood in the late 1990s. Homes in 12South are typically of Craftsman influence or bungalows. 12South is home to Sevier Park which has lots of trails, green space, and recreational courts.


The most prominent neighborhood of Nashville, Downtown has lots of people, lots of buildings - including over 3,800 residential units - lots of twang, and over 160 restaurants. Downtown has easy access to three major interstates making it a convenient place to live or work.

East Nashville

Even though over 600 buildings perished in the East Nashville Fire in 1916, East Nashville still has many unique antebellum buildings and positive energy.

Located within East Nashville is the historic district of Edgefield. In order to build, alter, or demolish within Edgefield, one must have approval from the Metro Historical Commission.

Elliston Place

Elliston Place is located just west of downtown near the Vanderbilt University campus and has a variety of options for dining and nighttime entertainment. As one of Nashville's young, trendy neighborhoods, small homes and cafes epitomize the tenants of the area.

GermantownGermantown by David HunterGermantown by David Hunter

This historic neighborhood bounded by Jefferson Street, Hume Street, Rosa Parks Boulevard, and Third Avenue, Germantown was a German ethnic enclave in the mid-19th Century. Containing a significant number of Victorian buildings, Germantown has a diverse business district featuring boutiques, delis, restaurants, and recording studios. Germantown was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Green Hills

There were originally plans to make Green Hills an incorporated town of its own, but those never materialized. Located south of Nashville on Hillsboro Road, this affluent neighborhood is home to the chic Green Hills Mall, and some of the best music spots. Check out The Bluebird Cafe for good local music.

The Gulch

Centered at the intersection of 11th Avenue North and 12th Avenue North, this neighborhood has several condominium buildings with extensive views, and all the amenities one could ask for.  This neighborhood is rapidly expanding and is home to bustling professionals.

Hillsboro Village Hillsboro Village by Lindsey TurnerHillsboro Village by Lindsey Turner

This predominant shopping neighborhood near Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities is predominately a collection of shops, boutiques and restaurants. A four-block radius with all the makings of its own village, this quaint Nashville neighborhood has rejuvenated the community and attracted young professionals for living and playing.

Lockeland Springs Historic Neighborhood

Situated two miles northeast of downtown, Lockeland Springs Historic Neighborhood is an early 20th century streetcar town. Many buildings were destroyed in this neighborhood by the tornado of 1998, but reconstruction has resulted in some stunning buildings.

Sylvan Park

Located Southwest of downtown Nashville is Sylvan Park. A diverse neighborhood that's both kitschy and upscale, everyone who lives in Sylvan Park knows about the Sylvan Park Restaurant which has specialized in Southern food for over fifty years.

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