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Memphis Grizzlies | NBAGrizzlies by Bob UnreallGrizzlies by Bob Unreall

The Memphis Grizzlies were introduced to the NBA in 1995 during the Canadian Expansion. British Columbia, Canada was originally the home of the Vancouver Grizzlies until their relocation to Memphis, Tennessee in 2001.

The Grizzlies have never seen a championship during their stay in the NBA, and have never even been to a championship game. Head coach Lionel Hollins hoped to change their losing streak by joining the team in 2009, but still has seen no results. Entering the 2011 NBA Playoffs brought about the Grizzlies first playoff game victory in their history. The FedExForum is the Grizzlies home arena.


Nashville Predators | NHL

Sharks vs. Predators by Point N ShootSharks vs. Predators by Point N Shoot

Nashville was eligible to join during the NHL expansion in 1997 if they sold over 12,000 season tickets by 1998. Luckily they did, and thus was created the Nashville Predators hockey team. Their home is the Bridgestone Arena, which is located in Nashville.

The Nashville Predators have never won a Stanley Cup, but this may be because they are only a 13 year old team. In 2007 the Predators were almost relocated to Kansas City, Missouri until local Nashville business owners started a rally, which changed their decision of relocating the team. Similar to the Red Wings, the Predators' fans throw Catfish on the ice when one of their players scores a hat-trick.


Tennessee Titans | NFLLP Field by Matthew ToshLP Field by Matthew Tosh

The Tenneessee Titans were once known as the Houston Oilers. The Oilers joined the NFL in the 1960’s during the AFL-NFL Merger. This brought the AFL team, the Houston Oilers, to the NFL. After the team relocated in 1997, the name was changed to the Tennessee Oilers for the 1997-98 seasons.

Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and the Astrodome were their temporary home stadiums before LP Field was created in Nashville. During the Titans' first season in LP Field they held a great record at 13-3. The team had accomplished getting to the Super Bowl their first season, but lost to the Saint Louis Rams 23-16.

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