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History of Nashville

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Andrew Jackson | 78 years old | 1844/1845Andrew Jackson | 78 years old | 1844/1845

A European trader named Charles Charleville was the first person to create a trading post near where Nashville is now located in 1714.

Charleville's post was gone by 1740, and after he departed, Middle Tennessee did not have one single white resident. French-Canadian trader Timothy Demonbreun was the next settler to try. He created another trapping post in 1769. Demonbreun built a cabin on the edge of an all natural sulfur spring causing the name of the area to change to Sulphur Dell.

James Robertson and John Donelson were the first two settlers to create an actual establishment in the region. Traveling from Watauga in Northwestern North Carolina, Robertson and Donelson created a fortification off of the Cumberland River. The name of this new stockade was Fort Nashborough, which was named after General Francis Nash, a famous Revolutionary War hero.

Fort Nashborough was founded on Christmas day of 1779. Approximately 60 families took the journey down the Tennessee and Cumberland River to join the new settlement in 1780. Fort Nashborough belonged to North Carolina until the state decided to incorporate the fort as a town. The town was named "Nashville" in 1784.

Nashville is also known as the birthplace of President Andrew Jackson. Jackson became seen as a hero due to his determination and tenacity when he gathered a group of militiamen and defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans in 1814.

Nashville was officially declared the capital of Tennessee in 1843, nearly 30 years after its incorporation as a city. The Tennessee Capital Building was completed in 1855.

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