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Tennessee Gun Laws

Written by Ysmay.

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Here we have outlined briefly the gun laws in the State of Tennessee. We are not legal counsel!

Handgun Carry Permits are issued by the Department of Public Safety and have been since October 1996. The Department of Public Safety has issued more than 339,000 handgun carry permits since then.

  • To obtain a handgun carry permit you need to have a valid state issued photo ID and complete a handgun safety course through the Department of Public Safety.
  • Upon completing the handgun safety course, you must bring your photo ID, safety course completion certificate, proof of U.S. Residency and $115 for the application fee.
  • Acceptable documents for U.S. Residency include: a U.S. issued birth certificate, a valid unexpired U.S. passport, certificate of citizenship or certificate of naturalisation.
  • Anybody who has been voluntarily committed to a mental institution does not have to declare this on the handgun carry application.
  • Those who have been involuntarily committed do need to declare the admission on their handgun carry application.
  • You have a six month window to renew your permit either before the expiration date or after the expiration date for $50.


Tennessee Department of Safety
Handgun Permit Office
1150 Foster Avenue
Nashville, TN 37243-1000

Phone: (866) 849-3548
Web: TN.gov/safety

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