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Discover Nashville's Food Scene

Written by Ysmay.

Bolton's Food Truck by the Southern Foodways Alliance

Nashville's food scene is evolving, but just because there are more modern ways the city is embracing food, Nashville continues to stay true to it's deep rooted history. Almost everything continues to emphasize its Southern charm. You can find traditional southern food all throughout the city.

One Nashville specialty you need to try is Hot Fried Chicken. Chicken is marinated in buttermilk, breaded, and slathered in cayenne pepper. Unlike most fried chicken, the spice is all throughout the chicken, not just in the breading. Hot Fried Chicken has given rise to Hot Fried Fish. You can get both at Bolton's Food Truck. Another Southern specialty is the "meat 'n' threes" You get to pick a meat entree, and three sides. Restaurants serving up Meats and Threes can be found all throughout Nashville.

If you want something upscale with a hint of Southern charm, check out the new Lockeland Table, nominated Best New Restaurant in the 2013 James Beard Awards.

Just a few years ago, your dining choices were limited. Now, there are dozens of fabulous new restaurants to choose from in Nashville. Chef-driven restaurants are popping up throughout the city, in particular in Downtown, The Gulch, and 12 South. The Gulch has restaurants that are more high-end with prices to match. In 12 South you'll find more casual restaurants. East Nashville focuses on more adventurous cuisine, while Southeast and West Nashville are more ethnic.

East Nashville is going through a restaurant revival of sorts. In no small part thanks to Margot McCormack. Margot’s philosophy on food is rooted in southern France and Italy. At Margot Cafe, and her new place Marche Artisan Foods, Margot focuses on reintroducing food in a personal way.

Margot Cafe's menu changes daily, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients. You can find such dishes like Chilled Cucumber Dill Yogurt Soup; Lettuces with Watermelon, Red Onion, and Ricotta; and Housemade Fettuccine, with Grilled Eggplant, Lemon, Ricotta, Garlic, and Chile.

Marche Artistan Foods is a European-style cafe and market in East Nashville with the breakfast and lunch menus changing seasonally, while the dinner menu changes monthly. Dishes include things like the Southern staple Fried Green Tomatoes with Goat Cheese, and Arugula, and Pan Seared Corvina with Ratatouille.

Chef Margot is paving the way for new restaurants in Nashville, and if things keep up like this, in the next few years the food scene will be even more vibrant than ever.

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