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You may not have heard of them yet, but Nashville-based Alternative pop-rock group DoryDrive has been generating a lot of attention lately. They have opened for Hinder and this summer they were featured on ABC 7 Chicago News.

We interviewed the band's lead singer Mathieu Nevitt, and we are proud to bring you an interview about a band that's quickly climbing its way to the top.


Tell us a bit about the band. How did you get together?

The band basically fell into place without hesitation. I was fighting personal demons while touring the last leg with Echovalve on the Echoes of Red 2010 tour.

Joey Zak was filling in for Joan Red during the tour as their drummer Rick Henderson (now Saving Abel) was not able to join the tour. Zak and myself found one another chattering about different projects. Joey’s reasoning to fill in for Joan Red was simple.

Find a singer for his already established group (Marashino). I had no inclination of joining the group but had my own intentions in the back of my mind.

After the last night of tour we decided to have the five of us meet in Illinois for a writing session. From day one we had chemistry many may never experience. Ultimately we are great friends and I could never have asked for better band-mates.

What’s the story behind the band name DoryDrive? How did you pick this name?

Well, back to the origin! It was a simple memory of Zak and myself throwing a football back and forth during a day off in Nashville, TN. Echovalve was recording what would be our last recorded song acoustic in the studio. The studio was located on Dory Drive and we found it fitting for our project.

Who are your musical influences?

This is a loaded question and my answer’s the same every interview: We are a diverse band and are influenced by all genres of music.

How would you describe your performance to someone who has never seen it?

We are that unexpected surprise that you never asked for on Christmas morning that you will continue talking about for years.

Did you always know that you wanted to be in a band?

My first guitar was a broom stick when I was 4 years of age caught on camera singing the first song I had ever written (Angela and Jamie). I have never lost sight since!



Do you remember the first song you performed as a band? What was it?

I am not sure if this counts. I would set up my drum set on the front lawn of my parent’s house. My best friend Andrew Smith would bring over his Hot Lix guitar and we would garner attention for sure! If memory serves we were jamming out the Hi-C theme, LOL!.

How would you describe your music in 10 words or less?

Human! Something you can be inspired by.

What types of themes does your music cover? Does any one theme recur more regularly than others?

The album was written to engage and open people’s hearts. I am truly inspired in my life right now and feel that wonderful change could do a bit of good in an otherwise depressive era in music. The album touches many aspects of life and we invite you to take that journey yourself.

What’s the secret to balancing your music with other obligations like a day job or family?

Being a full-time musician is not an easy life.

There is no secret, most could never do it. Not only do you have to have the strength, desire, and talent, but everyone around you has to be as strong and willing to sacrifice.

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