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Yoga in the Park by Kristen TaylorYoga in the Park by Kristen Taylor

There's a lot to do in Miami, but the information is difficult to find. Our list will be evolving throughout the course of our beta, but this will get you started.



Miami-Dade County runs a great parks and recreation program that includes campgrounds, cabanas, dog parks, lakes, marinas, racquetball courts, golf courses, gun ranges, and much more.

On their website you can find all the info you need, and more.



Dancing, dancing, dancing! Whether you want to partake or watch, you can find dancing all throughout Miami. Miami is home to the Cuban Classical Ballet which has been performing on a regular basis since 2006. The troupe is led by exiled Cubans and is dedicated to preserving the Cuban traditions of classical ballet.

Quite literally dozens of dance studios can be found in Miami, including the Dance Art and Fitness Studio whose diverse classes include belly dancing, ballet, contemporary, ballroom, hip-hop, tango, Afro Cuban, and rumba.



It should come as no surprise that swimming is a popular activity in Miami. A popular local pool is the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. As the facility is rented out routinely for private parties, we recommend checking their website, which is updated regularly, for hours and admission prices.



Miami has a lot going on when it comes to golf. Some of the most infamous golf courses in the world are in Miami, and have been featured on top ten lists in Golfweek. Miami has many more golf courses than we can list here. GolfLink.com is a comprehensive golf resource and you can find a golf course to suit your tastes in their database.

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