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The Written Word

Written by Ysmay.

Reading is an integral part of our society and has been for generations. Thanks to authors, libraries, literary foundations, and even technology companies, we will be able to pass along amazing literature to future generations.

Thanks to its proximity to the water, the sun, the sand, and the multi-cultural residents, it is no surprise that Miami continues to pop up in the Written Word.


Featured Book

We recommend "Miami Beach Memories" by Joann Biondi. This book is about the people, places, and times that shaped Miami from the 1920s to the 1960s. We do like that Biondi interviewed a palindromic 101 residents in Miami ranging from convicted criminals to strippers to maids, and everything in between. Biondi does an excellent job of painting a picture of how Miami came to be the cultural hub it is now.



We know how important it is to be able to find a library whenever the mood strikes you. We've put together a map to make it easier for you to find a library.


Miami Book Fair

The Miami Book Fair is a (huge) wonderful event that lasts for roughly a week. The fair is currently in its 28th year. The first few days of the fair are spent with readings and discussions, and the last two days include a street market where people can wander and purchase books.

During the street market, over 250 vendors and publishers are present representing their books.

Each year over 300 authors unite in Miami and take part in the Festival of Authors. The Festival of Authors includes discussions and readings with some of the world's foremost authors.


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