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Sustainable Miami

Written by Ysmay.

Miami has an Office of Sustainable Initiatives which is responsible for coordinating the City's environmental programs. Miami is determined to become a model of sustainability and good environmental practices. Among their environmental efforts are recycling programs, water conservation, green buildings, and renewable energy.


All residents within the city limits have recycling services available to them in single family units and up to three units per building. Apartment complexes organize recycling for their residents. To request curbside recycling, call 311 from a Miami phone. Miami accepts the recycling of:

  • newspaper
  • glass
  • plastics (1, 2, 3)
  • aluminum
  • milk jugs
  • paper made juice cartons


The City of Miami encourages residents to conserve water, and a few ways they do this is simply to ask that you don't waste water; if you have to pour it out, maybe water your plants with it. Do not use running water to thaw foods, and do not leave the water running when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving. They also encourage you to replace your shower heads with low-flow heads. There are many that still have extremely high pressure, but use 30% less water.

The Green Miami Campaign is attempting to cool down Miami, absorb carbon dioxide, and add beauty by planting trees throughout the city. The vision of Green Miami is to "restore and enhance the City of Miami's tree canopy into a thriving urban forest." Their long term goal is to increase Miami's tree canopy by 30% by 2017.


Buildings in Miami consume over 5 million MWH of electricty per year. Buildings represent over 50% of Miami's greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of Miami's buildings is a goal of the city.

Miami City Hall went through upgrades that include energy efficient lighting and computer systems, water conservation efforts, use of renewable energy, use of green cleaning products, and the purchasing of green products.

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