• Miami Sunset by Jimmy Baikovicius


Written by Ysmay.

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The Miami Scene is often lumped together with the South Florida scene, and this includes a lot of events in Fort Lauderdale.

Live music in Miami can be hard to come by as the city seems to prefer DJs to musicians. The Fillmore does have quite a wide array of live musicians though, and many of them are big names.

Miami is known for it's clubs, and is a very party friendly city. A reason to party is never needed.

Many local promoters throw one-night events with themes whether it be 80s, disco, goth, or punk. There are dozens of these events on a regular basis. To find one that suits you we recommend looking at the event listings in the Miami Herald, although quite truthfully, you will likely be able to find out about all sorts of events just from talking to people or picking up flyers at bars.

Every night of the week you can go out and find a party in Miami.

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