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Getting Around In Miami, FL

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Driving in Miami can be a difficult experience, but if you pay attention to our driving guide, you should be navigating the city with ease in no time.

Miami's Got a Grid

Miami's divided into four quadrants:

  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • Southeast
  • Southwest

Flager Street divides the North and South.

Miami Avenue divides the East and West. Flager Street and Miami Avenue intersect in downtown.

Streets run from east to west.

Courts, Roads, Avenues and Places all run east to west.

As Renee Chapple pointed out on About.com, you can likely figure out a great acronym to help you remember that.


It is worth noting that some areas, like Brickell, don't follow these rules, so make sure to have a map or a smart phone if you need to drive around there.

Traffic Patterns

US 1 is often referred to in disgust as "Useless 1" because during peak traffic times, you can sit there for hours. Going north in the morning, traffic starts getting unbearable around 6:30am and lasts until 9:30am or even 10am. Avoid going south between 3pm and 7:30pm and sometimes even 8pm if you value your sanity.

On I-95 avoid going south between 7am and 9:30am, or north between 3pm and 7:30pm.

On the Dolphin Expressway it's in your best interest to avoid going east during the morning commute or west during the evening commute.

The Palmetto is thought to embody everything horrible about driving in Miami, and until a few years ago, there was even a blog dedicated to the horribleness called "Stuck On The Palmetto." Don't even think about getting on the Palmetto during commute hours, no matter what direction you need to go.


A Word of Warning...

Drivers in South Florida are often uninsured. It is worth the extra $10 per month for uninsured motorist coverage.

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