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Dashius Clay

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Dashius ClayDashius Clay

Miami-based DJ and producer Dashius Clay is a force to be reckoned with. With over a quarter million downloads in the first year of his releases, Dashius has a devoted following that is quickly helping him gain traction, and it's no wonder his following is growing: Dashius's work is provocative, gritty, and emotional, but most importantly, it's real.

It's not just his own music that's been a success. His mixes of Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Mike Poser are also popular, with his remix of Lady Gaga's "Filthy Pop" often being regarded as better than the original.

In this exclusive interview, Dashius talked to us about his music, how he got started, and life in Miami.



Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into mixing?

I am Dashius Clay! The Worlds Most Interesting Man! Bald So Hard Mofuckaz wanna fine me! Cookies ain’t shit to a bitch with biscuits. I'm a Poet, producer, son, a lover, an asshole, a musician, a songwriter, a Corvosier connoisseur, your best friend, your worst enemy, avid Hooters and Coca-Cola admirer, Colombian, obsessed with every second of music the world offers, and last but not least, I am hungry and taking no prisoners.

What’s the story behind the your name?

I don't want to expose what my name truly derives from. There are some things that I like to keep to myself. There are about 3 humans on this earth who know the true definition of my name and how it came to be. It's top secret stuff.

Who are your influences?

I don't have anyone in particular that I am influenced by. I get inspired by every day life and my experiences, so it's always nice to meet different kinds of people. I try not to attach myself to anyone in particular because sooner or later they are going to do or say something you won't agree with. People have different life frequencies, so for me to ever avoid losing respect or completely opposing someones views i pick and choose what I am influenced by and put it together in my own manner.

How would you describe your performance to someone who has never seen it?

Its a must see first hand type of deal. I'm not the type of performer who jumps around to jump around, nor do I ever come on stage with an entourage. 9 out of 10 times its usually just me on stage with the microphone. I usually need to be carried off stage cause of how much of myself I put into every single performance. I’m really into lasers and explosions at the moment so we are looking into how I can incorporate that into my upcoming shows.

Dashius ClayDashius Clay

Did you always know that you wanted to mix?

Well I started quite early studying Piano, and that evolved into other instruments, which turned into writing, and so on. I never had a set goal of doing all this music, I just knew I loved to perform for crowds and I loved to create original compositions of music. That led me to be where I am now.

Do you remember the first song you performed? What was it and how did the crowd react?

The first song I performed I am pretty sure I will never remember. The first couple of shows I ever did, I used to blackout on stage. It still freaks me out just thinking about it because its almost a surreal moment. My body would go into auto-pilot, and I would just snap out of it as soon as the music would cut. I finally have complete control but it used to be the biggest rush to me.

I think that's one of those feelings that had me hooked. I love the unknown. I have faced a lot of tough crowds, but I get through it unscathed because I am a fan first so I know what it’s like to be in their shoes.


What’s the secret to balancing your music with other obligations like a day job or family?

Well my family is completely supportive and I don’t have any kids or pets, so my only obligation is delivering quality material. I put a lot into every detail and decision so believe me when I say damn near everyday is a 20-hour day for us. I'm overly dedicated, passionate, and critical when it comes to me releasing even a thought. The only thing I feel I need to better is my time for the Gym to stay as healthy as I can.


How would you describe your music in 10 words or less?

Unlike anyone else's.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Just a shit load of more music and more art. I am finally at a place where I am completely comfortable tying it all together. The Celebrating Pain Movie taught me a million things as well as giving me a hundred new ideas for the future. I'm working on putting together the next album by April or May so we’ll see what comes up.

I have a thing against giving info on my current projects until I complete them. I want everyone on their toes and unprepared. I set my sights on taking people's breath away.

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