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About Miami

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Located in Florida, Miami has just over 408,00 residents in the city proper with over 5 million in the metropolitan area.

Miami is a vibrant cultural hub full of many art and music venues in almost any style you are interested in hearing. The many museums in Miami make it very easy to remain occupied while expanding your horizons. One of the main benefits to life in Miami is that the weather provides for a very consistent outdoor event community. The nightlife is one of the main attractions with tons of things to do any night of the week! 

Even though Miami was once rated the cleanest city in the United States by Forbes Magazine (in 2008), most residents will tell you they feel Miami is not that clean.

The population is largely Cuban and Dominican. Spanish is the unofficial first language of Miami and, not surprisingly, if you seek employment in a restaurant, Spanish would be of the utmost benefit.

Miami has a unique accent which has been developed from years of Spanish speakers learning English. While it is not spoken with a lot of Spanish inflection on the English words, there is a rhythm which stems from romance languages. This rhythm is common among those who have been raised in Miami and/or lived in Miami for many years, regardless of race.

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Population: 408,750*
Average Commute Time: 27.5**
Average Household Income: $49,046**

* 2011 Census
**2010 Census

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