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Discovering the Los Angeles Music Scene

Written by Ysmay.

Macy Gray by Tracey NolanMacy Gray by Tracey Nolan

At the time of this writing there have been 559 commercially recorded and released songs about L.A., Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. The music scene in Los Angeles is extremely diverse and much like Austin, it's easy to find live music to suit your tastes any night of the week.

Los Angeles has it all: hip hop, heavy metal, Latin, punk, jazz, classical, blues, and much more. Record producer and songwriter Joe Solo (whose music credits include Fergie, Macy Gray, NBC, and MTV among many others) says the music scene has evolved greatly over the past 10 years, "It's gotten much more eclectic. Not just in terms of the artists, but the audience's taste is more diverse then ever. It's common to go to an LA venue and see an acoustic act, a hip-hop act and a rock act all in the same evening."

Joe says the music scene really started evolving around 2002. "Prior to that, most acts playing the main clubs were either rock or acoustic. However, due to the popularity of the internet, more and more people began to get exposed to a colorful range of styles and sub-genres. Eventually, current technology such as Pandora and Apple's Genius enabled one to hear all kind of new artists and styles based on algorithms designed to tap into the listener's personal taste. Additionally, a more diverse range of music began to be featured in the video game industry which has exploded over the last decade."

"It's an exciting time for musical creativity," says Joe, "and I for one, look forward with great eagerness to see what new artists will be coming up with."

With so many musicians on the scene, artists have to work hard to get noticed, but as Joe told us, it is more complicated than that. "The general mentality is that they are 'ready' to be discovered. Many of them truly are. And many still have a ways to go - not necessarily musically, but also in terms of networking, knowledge of how the industry works and even understanding how their own character and ego play into their path to success."

Whether you're looking for someone who's "ready" to be discovered or someone who's perhaps a bit newer to the scene, there are some fantastic places to go to check out a wide range of music in Los Angeles and perhaps you too will get to discover what these new artists are coming up with.

Since Los Angeles is the capitol of the music industry, playing out on the scene here puts you in a position where you're much more likely to make industry contacts than any other city in the world.
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