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Let us introduce you to Blackburner, the newest and hottest electrorock/dubstep artist out of Los Angeles. Blackburner combines twisted and aggressive dubstep beats with melodic hooks from industrial, rock, and electronica.

The mastermind behind Blackburner is Skyla Talon, a Michigan-born L.A. transplant who cut his teeth with the modern metal band Killingbird, and later, Scum of the Earth with former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs.

Talon's been joined by Chicago-based metal musician K-Kyle (from hard rock band ModelSaint), and Blackburner's new album "Feel The Burn" is nothing short of addicting. Blackburner showcased at this year's SXSW in Austin at the Speakeasy Kabaret, and now they are getting ready to support Ministry on their highly-anticipated summer tour.

In this exclusive interview, we talked to the brain behind Blackburner about dubstep and making a life in Los Angeles.


Tell us a bit about your music. Have you always been into music or did this passion develop later in life? How did you get into electronic music?

I've always been into music since I was a little brat. I started playing guitar really young. Throughout High School I started experimenting with other instruments. I remember trading my favorite guitar amp for a Roland Juno-60 synth. I remember hearing NIN. I dove more into the electronic world when I heard that.

We love the name; is there any special meaning behind Blackburner?

Well it was taken from the term “Backburner”, a word that describes where the electronic music I’ve created over the years has been. The electronic music has always taken a backseat. I have always played in Rock/Metal bands until this.

We feel some of your songs are reminiscent of early Infected Mushroom. Who are some of your influences, and is Infected Mushroom on the list?

I haven’t listened to too much of Infected Mushroom, but I can see some similarities. I like to explore a variety music. I get a lot of influence from different genre’s especially the Rock and Metal world.

We love your version of ACDC's "Back in Black." Have you always had a thing for ACDC? Where did the idea to do this song come from?

That’s just a great catchy Rock song that everyone knows. I’ve heard that song so many times growing up in Michigan and I knew it’d be a fun one. I believe the idea first came about when I was enjoying some beers after completing the first track for “Feel the Burn”.

How would you sum up your music in 6 words or less?

An indulgence of electronic madness.


Tell us a bit about your album "Feel The Burn." How long has this been in the works, and what can someone expect when they download a copy?

Feel the Burn has been a work in progress for quite some time. It’s a great feeling to get this finally released. There is something for everybody on this album. Go download it and see for yourself!

Are you already fantasizing about the next album?

Oh of course! Tons of material is already completed. I’m VERY excited about this one.

Being an Austin-based company we love SXSW, and were thrilled to hear about your performance there. What was it like to play at SX, and how was the crowd?

This was personally my first time I have been to SXSW and it got pretty crazy. We had some tricks up our sleeves for the show and the crowd was very responsive. We loved playing there. It was definitely not a show to be missed. Austin is an amazing city!

How would you describe your performances to someone that's never seen you live?

Blackburner is something you have to see and not just listen to. We love to have fun with the crowd. We strongly encourage you to come see us live.

It has to be exciting to be playing with Ministry this summer! How did you get tapped to join them on tour?

We are super excited to go on the road with Ministry. We’ve been listening to them for years and they are definitely an influence. We wanted to tour with a band that wasn’t exactly the same genre as us and with all the energy. It will be an amazing tour.

It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on; what can we expect from you next?

This is just the beginning for Blackburner. Expect the unexpected.

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