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What To Do in Indianapolis

Written by Ysmay.

Musem of Art by Stevan SheetsMusem of Art by Stevan Sheets
Outdoor Activities

Visiting the Canal and White River State Park is excellent for those in search of a wonderful day in the sun. The Canal Walk is a great place to take a stroll and view the city while walking the paved sidewalks along the Canal. Within the park are vast and lush gardens where many take their significant other for a relaxing walk in the sunlight.

The Connor Prairie Living History Museum is a standout attraction for locals and visitors. This is a great outdoor activity for families. Visitors to the Connor Prairie will experience a living pioneer village, included with “residents” of the time period. Be sure to give the Connor Prairie Living History Museum a visit to gain some knowledge of Indianapolis’s wonderful past.


Sports fanatics can take a trip to the Lucas Oil Stadium to watch NFL Team, the Indianapolis Colts, play a game. This is a great event for people in any age range. Buy a ticket and watch some bone crunching NFL action while everyone cheers. Don’t forget the great stadium food that comes with every sporting event!

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is every NASCAR or racing fan's dream activity. Some of the greatest races in history have taken place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Every visit is like taking a step back in time and viewing the history of racing. Spend your day at the Speedway and feel the rumble of the engines and the zooming speeds of the cars as they whiz by.

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