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Sustainable Indy

Written by Ysmay.

Sustainable Hope by Netmonkey (used tires)Sustainable Hope by Netmonkey (used tires)

As Tyler Falk said in a recent article, "It’s not a place where you might expect to see smart growth: the “Crossroads of America”, the home of one of the most significant motorsport races in the world, and a big city with some of the lowest ridership in the country."

But the Mayor of Indianapolis - Mayor Ballard - is said to be extremely concerned with sustainability. To that end, Mayor Ballard is responsible for creating SustainIndy, an initiative designed to reduce the environmental impact of Indianapolis.

SustainIndy focuses on energy, emissions, reusing and recycling, urban forestry, urban gardening, and even bikeways. The city of Indianapolis had a goal to have 50 urban gardens by the end of 2011.  We have yet to determine whether or not this goal was met, but the mission of this initiative is to turn "underutilized" land into garden spaces.

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