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Indianapolis is home to two major sports teams that you might have heard of: the Colts and the Pacers.

The Colts are perhaps best known for disappearing from Baltimore in the middle of the night. We won't comment on that saga, but we will provide you with some information about the Colts and the Pacers. What are your thoughts about these teams? Leave some comments below.


Colts vs Saints by Paul EverettColts vs Saints by Paul Everett

Indianapolis Colts | NFL

The Indianapolis Colts are an NFL sports team established in 1953. Baltimore, Maryland was the original home to the Colts until 1984, when they were relocated to the city of Indianapolis. The Colts happened to be the first team in the NFL with cheerleaders, which made them trendsetters.

The RCA Dome was home to the Colts after their move to Indianapolis, until their relocation to the Lucas Oil Stadium in 2008. 4 NFL Championships were won by the Colts while in Baltimore, including a Super Bowl victory in 1971. The Colts also won Super Bowl XLI in 2007 while in Indianapolis.

Lucas Oil Stadium by Bormang2Lucas Oil Stadium by Bormang2


Indiana Pacers | NBA

The Indiana Pacers are located in the city of Indianapolis and were established in 1967. Before the Pacers entered the NBA in 1976, they were a part of the ABA (American Basketball Association). The Indianapolis Pacers have not won an NBA Championship in their history. However they have won 4 Division Titles and 1 Conference Title in the NBA.

The team experienced a playoff drought from 2007 until the team entered the Playoffs in 2011. The Indiana Pacers have called the Conseco Fieldhouse home since 1999.

Fieldhouse by Valerie EverettFieldhouse by Valerie Everett

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