• Indianapolis Sunset by Jimmy Baikovicius

Music Scene

Written by Ysmay.

The Twin Cats by Parke LaddThe Twin Cats by Parke Ladd

On any given night you can find live music in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the suburbs or the cultural areas.

The Chatterbox Tavern in downtown is a well known spot for jazz with jazz shows seven nights a week. It's rumored that even Mick Jagger has stopped by while he was in town after a Stones concert. The menu is very limited so if you're pretty hungry, make sure you grab a bite to eat beforehand. Monday-Friday doors open at 4pm; Saturday and Sunday doors open at 6pm.

If blues are your thing, you have to go to the Slippery Noodle. It's rumored that John Dillinger used the back room for target practice and you can still see the bullets in the back wall. The Noodle features rocking blues seven nights a week.

Maybe you're in the mood for something a little more rock. In that case, check out the Bourbon Street Distillery. They have rock, dance, and Top 40 tunes to accompany their creole cuisine.

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