• Indianapolis Sunset by Jimmy Baikovicius

History of Indy

Written by Ysmay.

Indianapolis 1888 from the Library of CongressIndianapolis 1888 from the Library of Congress

Many Americans know Indianapolis as the capital of Indiana, home to the Indianapolis Colts, the famous NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, and the Indy 500. Behind all of these city sports teams and sporting events is a rich history ranging from the occupation of the Ku Klux Klan, the Civil War, to one of the U.S.’s most invigorating industrial eras.

The city of Indianapolis was founded by the Indiana General Assembly as the new site for the state capital of Indiana in 1820. Originally the Indianapolis area was said to be founded by George Pogue, who was a European American settler. The true founder of Indianapolis was disputed by settlers of the area, claiming that John Wesley McCormick was the first European to create a settlement near the White River. A judge of the Indiana Supreme Court, Jeremiah Sullivan, is credited with creating Indianapolis’s name. Sullivan conjoined the state name of Indiana and the word polis, Greek for city.

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