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Indiana Gun Laws

Written by Ysmay.

Handguns by YsmayHandguns by Ysmay

Indiana is a "shall issue" state and Indiana also allows both the open and concealed carry of handguns.

The terms of which one is denied a handgun permit are as follows:

1. The person has committed a violent crime.

2. The person has a history of documented substance abuse.

3. The person has a history of documented unstable emotional or violent conduct.

One may carry without a permit when:

1. The person is a law enforcement officer.

2. The person is within their dwelling or (fixed) place of business.

3. The person is an employee of the United States and duly authorized to carry a handgun.


The Process

To receive a handgun permit, one must fill out an application which contains identifying information on the applicant. The application for a license to carry a handgun must be turned in either to the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality in which the applicant resides or to the county sheriff of the county where the applicant resides, owns a business, or has employment.

The officer to whom the application is made shall conduct an investigation to verify the information on the application. This includes official records (birth certificate, etc), character, and reputation. Once this process has been finished, the officer will forward the application with a recommendation and a set of fingerprints to the superintendent.

The information together with his recommendation and one set of fingerprints are forwarded to the superintendent. The superintendent will follow up in the manner he sees fit and either approve or reject the application.

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