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The Written Word - Denver

Written by Ysmay.

Reading is an integral part of our society and has been for generations. Thanks to authors, libraries, literary foundations, and even technology companies, we will be able to pass along amazing literature to future generations.

Denver was originally a mining town during the Gold Rush. Now Denver is home to over 600,000 people, and is the most populated city in a 500 mile radius. Denver's history and continued culture makes it a wonderful city for the books.


Featured Book

We love A Haunted History of Denver's Croke-Patterson Mansion by Ann and Jordan Leggett. This book speculates on the rumors of the ghosts and spirits that hang around the historic Croke-Patterson Mansion, and the authors try to unravel the mysteries that keep people away from this elegant mansion.



We know how important it is to be able to find a library whenever the mood strikes you. We've put together a map to make it easier for you to find a library.


Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair

Entering it's 28th year, the Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair is a book fair dedicated to the cultivation of antiquarian book collections. The fair was started in 1985 and now features approximately 80 vendors. Admission is $5 on Saturday, or $10 for the preview party on Friday plus admission to Saturday.

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