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Celebrating the road trips in Chicago

Written by Alice Jerusha.


Chicago is ranked number three according to its population the top being New York and Los Angeles. It has a population of 2.7 million residents and has a good number in the world in terms of population. For instance, it is the most populous compared to US, and American Midwest. It was elevated to a city in 1837 close to the great lake and Mississippi river. Since that time, it went through a rapid population growth throughout the nineteenth century. 


Chicago is a place that is currently hosting various multinational corporations for different activities such as transportation, commerce, finance, telecommunications, industry as well as technology. It also owns the second busiest airport in the world and the largest number of US highways and railways entering the region. As such, Chicago is such a place that many people would wish to visit after getting the various attractions available and the developments done.


Indiana Dunes National Beach, Indiana 

Due to the unique developments in Chicago, people enjoy taking trips there to learn more or enjoy themselves in one way or the other. For instance, the Indiana Dunes National Beach, Indiana: is in the eastern side of Chicago, 47 miles away. It is along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. The most interesting feature in this place is the mount baldy containing sand dunes that were made through glaciations. It is kept in place by trees and marram glass. Visitors are therefore free to hike up the mountain.

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

This park is located near the junction of Interstates 80 and 39 close to Utica, around 90 miles away from Chicago. Attractive sandstones bluffs and canyons are created by glaciations in the 2,630-acre forest along the Illinois River. Heavy rains bring more good than harm since waterfalls are created that attract more tourists. The park also has indoor poll, hot tub and saunas with restaurants and bars that provide quality and satisfying services.

Harbor Country, Michigan

This country has eight major towns. The beaches that decorate the front part of Harbor Country are found on the other side of Lake Michigan away from Chicago. However, the high-rises and urban bustle of the city is a world away. Two major public beaches anchor the waterfront, in New Buffalo and at Warren Dunes State Park, together with a chain of smaller beaches in between them. Woods and nature trails can be found just inland in many areas.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

The town of Lake Geneva and its neighbouring burgs features a centre of attractions and festivals for all ages and groups. The playboy club cannot also be ignored that was the resort’s popular attraction. However, it closed almost 30 years ago and people who knew it still call it and its town their paradise. The water of the lake provides people with a place to play games such as wakeboarding, water skiing, boating and parasailing.


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