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5 Extreme Ways Chicagoans Show Their True Team Spirit!

Written by Debbie Nguyen.

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Between foam fingers, jerseys, hats, bumper stickers and face painting, there are an endless number of ways to show support for the city’s sports teams. Chicago natives take rabid pride in their favorite sports teams, and they have a host of teams to choose from. Whether it's football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, horseracing or college sports, Chicago fans love to take their passion for a team to an all-time high.

From college themed weddings to shaving their heads with the Bulls logo, Chicago fans show their passion and devotion for a favorite sports team with extra zeal.

1. Tattoos

Temporary tattoo art is the latest fashion trend seen on the runways. Temporary sleeve tattoos are a unique way to exhibit devotion to a team creatively. It’s also a great way to showcase your love for the game. Because it's temporary, you can change the style and placement of the tattoo to suit your needs. And it doesn't hurt! You can get anything from
team logos to championship dates or even graphics of the pennant or trophy on your skin. Or how about your favorite player's number on your bicep or a bear on your ankle?

2. Weddings

Sports enthusiasts have been known to plan a wedding around their favorite sport. They add their favorite sports theme into their wedding ceremony. Some stadiums and sports arenas allow their fans to get married on the field. Whether it’s a particular special event or you’ve rented the venue ahead of time, you’re sure to never forget such a special day. Other team enthusiasts have been known to incorporate their favorite team colors and emblems into their wedding day by dressing their bridesmaid and groomsmen accordingly.

3. Hair

Face painting is a particular fan favorite, but you’ll find many sports enthusiasts taking their love of the game further by shaving their head. Some of the many styles include having your hair shaved in the shape of the team logo, name or their favorite player. You could also have your hair dyed in a team color before you head to the game.

4. Music

Some fanatics express their enthusiasm for their favorite sports team with a song. Whether you favor rap, country, rock or jazz, you can write a song based on your love for the Chicago Bulls or Chicago White Sox and post it on YouTube. A Final Four version of a particular song performed by a group of friends garnered thousands and thousands of views.

5. New Baby

Parents who are a fan of a particular sports player have been known to take things to an extreme level by naming their child after them. At a recent Chicago Blackhawks game, a female fan was so into the playoff games that she ignored her labor pains in favor of staying for the entire game.

Some sports enthusiasts stand out above the rest by showing their passion for a favorite team in extreme ways. Tattoos and wedding ceremonies at your favorite stadium go above and beyond foam fingers and face painting, but it’s a great way to show your true team spirit.

About the Author: Debbie Nguyen is a blogger and designer in the Atlanta area. She spent her childhood in Illinois so she knows first-hand how eager Chicago fans can be. Some have even shared their love for a team with temporary sleeve tattoos. The up side is that it is not permanent.

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