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High Street

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Meet High Street. This up-and-coming young blues rock band out of Chicago's north shore just released their second studio album. They have been playing together for 5 years, something very unusual for their age. They're just highschool kids! High Street writes all of their own music, and these amazingly talented kids appeal to fans of all ages, including 14 up to 50.

They are starting to get some local radio play on Fearless Radio and Radio One Chicago. They cut their first EP "Out of the Attic" in 2011 and their second EP "Nocturnal" in March 2012 at Reelsounds Chicago owned by locally respected engineer/producer Mark "Mouse" Brunner.

The kids of High Street talked to us about their music and life in Chicago.  

High StreetHigh Street

Tell us how you got started. Has music always been a passion?

Kurt: Music is in our blood. We were friends getting together jammin and started to get really good. We decided to take it to another level and write our own music. 

The name "High Street" is an interesting one; what's the story behind it?

Erik: We rehearse in the Findling's attic which overlooks High Street. The street name on a beat up sign looked cool. 

What are your influences?

Everyone: Zep, Adele, Black Keys. 

We definitely hear a bit of Led Zeppelin-esque guitar riffs in your tunes; what's your favourite Zeppelin album?

Erik: Led Zep 1...power blues (Communication Breakdown). 

What are the 5 songs you've played the most on your iPod?

Everyone: Green River by CCR, Rollin in the Deep by Adele, Limelight by Rush, Voo Doo Chile by Hendricks/SRV.

Can you tell us about your first performance? What was it like?

Jenny: Our first performance was like Woodstock. Hundreds of people came out to watch us on our street.

How would you describe your music in 5 words or less?

Everyone: Creativity, Excitement, Desire, Worry, Groove. 

Tell us a bit about your first EP "Out Of The Attic." How long was it in the works and what can someone expect when turning it on for the first time?

Kurt: It took about six months to write the songs and record them. A listener will hear a very raw but truthful sound. Out of the Attic wasn't heavily produced. It represents the band in it's cleanest state when we were very young. 

What can we expect to see next from you in the coming months? Is there an album in the works?

Our new album "Nocturnal" was just released....and it rocks! You can listen to it on our website or buy it on iTunes. We'll be writing more over the summer.

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