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Getting Around in Brooklyn, NY

Written by Ysmay.

Getting around in Brooklyn is fairly easy if you know what you're doing. Driving can be the fastest way to get around, but also the most aggravating, but then you need to worry about finding somewhere to park. It's mostly street parking, and it can take forever to find a parking spot. So what happens is people will simply stop and park in the middle of the lane. 

To complicate things for a newcomer, Brooklyn streets don't always go where you think they're going to go, and often the name changes as you get into a different neighborhood. And speaking of neighborhoods, the population in Brooklyn is very diverse, and each neighborhood is different with different schedules. For example, Orthodox Borough Park, home to Orthodox Jews, is great to drive on a Saturday when no other cars are on the road, as this is their Sabbath. 

One major road in Brooklyn for you to be aware of is Kings Highway. Named after Kings County, which was named after King Charles II in 1683, Kings is a broad avenue that starts at Bay Parkway and 78th Street on the West. Once you get East of Ocean Avenue the Kings becomes mostly residential. Heading up to East 98th Street in central Brooklyn, Kings provides access to another major road in Brooklyn called Eastern Parkway. Originally Kings was much longer than it is now, and very windy. In 1922 Kings was widened and straightened as much as possible. 

Eastern Parkway begins at Grand Army Plaza, and runs parallel to Atlantic Avenue. Around Grand Army Plaza Eastern Parkway intersects with Flatbush and Vanderbilt Avenues. This section is aggressive, fast, and confusing. Take care, especially during rush hour. Also, take care around 86th Street in Bensonhurst which has an overhead train, and poles to hold up the tracks that are frightfully close to the street. 


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