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About Brooklyn

Written by Matt Rowland.

New York City is comprised of 5 individual boroughs, and Brooklyn is by far the more well-known!  With over 2.5 million residents, this is the most populated of the boroughs and the second largest in size next to Queens.  In fact, this New York City suburb used to be its own city until 1898 when all five boroughs were absorbed by the Charter of Greater New York.  Manhattan may look down its nose at the “bridge and tunnel people”, but tourists love this place.  Home of such sites as Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Prospect Park, there are many attractions that just can’t compete with “The Big Apple”.

A Skyline View like No Other!

Ever wonder where those magnificent photos of the Manhattan Cityscape come from?  It’s the Brooklyn Bridge!  Photographers across the globe flock to this modern marvel of engineering because it provides us with the most breathtaking views of the sparkling New York Skyline.  Even more appealing is the park below.  This used to be a ferry boat landing site.  But when the bridge was constructed, the ferry industry went nearly extinct.  In 2008, the residents of New York demanded to save this location for posterity, turning it into Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Prospect Park is also located in this borough, designed by the same landscape architect who created Manhattan’s Central Park.

Catch a Coaster at Coney!

Even Manhattan doesn’t have an amusement park, but Brooklyn has several.  Coney Island is a combination of multiple parks, each with classic coasters and carnival rides.  Many of these attractions have been around for generations.  What makes this place even more interesting is that it is located directly on the beach. That’s right, Brooklyn even has its own sandy shores. Top that Manhattan!

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