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Memorial Day weekend events from The Boston Calendar

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Jim from The Boston Calendar here with Memorial Day weekend events to help you ring in the unofficial start of summer. I always thought that was a load of crap when I was a kid, because everyone knew summer didn’t really start until school got out. But when you’re an adult, sure why not call it summer, what does it matter, you still have to go to work every day. At least now you can blame your poor work performance on “summer brain.”
If you got into art just because you thought you’d get to see a lot of naked people, well, you were pretty much right on because artists really love to sculpt and paint naked people, don’t they? Rodin is considered the father of modern sculpture, and one of his most famous works is a nude study of the French author Balzac. Yup, he literally sculpted Balzac’s...abs. Dude never skipped his crunches. The Nave Gallery’s new “Naked” exhibition examines the nude’s importance as a symbol of purity, humanity, and sexuality. Check it out at tonight’s opening reception or through June 20. 5.21. 6p. FREE
You don’t need to watch HBO to see tech startups competing for glory. The May edition of Startup Stir is a very special Pitch It to Win It Startup Showcase, featuring ten fledgling firms fighting to win swag and prizes. Audience members and guest judges including the City of Boston Startup Manager Rory Cuddyer and Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner will evaluate each pitch, and by pitch we don’t mean winding up and actually throwing your product at the judges and/or audience. That would be bad. That would be Apple Maps bad. 5.21. 6:30p. $10
What makes ordinary people do terrible things? That’s the question posed by the Huntington Theatre Company’s new production of A. Rey Pamatmat’s After All the Terrible Things I Do, and the answer goes a little deeper than “I don’t know, they were probably just hangry.” In the play opening Friday, an aspiring writer seeks a fresh start and a job at his local bookstore, where he develops a deep connection with the Filipina store owner. Then, presumably, he does some terrible things: Quietly judging your purchase of that James Patterson novel. Leaving passive aggressive responses to negative Yelp reviews. Heating up fish in the break room and stinking up the whole damn place. 5.22 to 6.21. 8p. $30+
The Boston Calling Music Festival returns for its spring 2015 edition, transforming City Hall Plaza from a brutalist concrete wasteland into a brutalist concrete wasteland with some stages set up for a music festival. This year’s headliners include Beck, My Morning Jacket, and the Pixies, plus up-and-coming hip hop duo Run the Jewels (also playing Saturday’s sold-out after party at The Sinclair), “Riptide” singer Vance Joy, and lots more. Single-day tickets are still available, and we’ve seen half-priced tickets pop up a few times this week. Or you can just stand just outside the gates and probably hear everything, but that won’t look as cool on Instagram, will it? It will not. 5.22 to 5.24. 6p and 12p. $50-75
Big corporate music festivals aren’t for everyone, so every May and September Harvard Square’s Club Passim holds a nice, chill, lowercasecampfire. festival. Over the course of four days, songwriters swap tunes “in the round,” hang out and watch other performances, and bring audience members on stage. Before you buy some marshmallows and assign two friends to bring chocolate and graham crackers, I’m pretty sure there’s no actual campfire, because this is indoors, so you’re going to have to ask to use the gas stove in the kitchen. Hey a s’more is a s’more.5.22 to 5.25. 6:30p and 12p. $10/day
Did you go to PorchFest last weekend like I told you to? So great. When you can see a band at Boston Calling in May 2014 and then a year later in a Somerville driveway, that’s good PorchFest. Somerville Arts Council keeps up the good work Saturday with Dancing in the Streets, a spring and summer series of eight free pop-up dance performances. It’s sort of like PorchFest but with dance instead of music, and it’s just in Union Square instead of all over the city at one time because that would probably scare a lot of old people. Saturday’s performance features Quicksilver Dance, from Cambridge by way of New York City. 5.23. 5p. FREE
Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, the somewhat official kick-off of barbecue season, and the absolutely official, legally binding, first day that you’re allowed to wear white pants. Although I don’t ever really wear white pants, because barbecue is pretty messy, and anyways I don’t want people to see through my pants and know when I haven’t done laundry in a while and I’m down to novelty boxer shorts. But if you’re going to class it up, there’s no better place than the Memorial Day Lawn Party at Loyal Nine, the East Cambridge restaurant’s first event since opening in March. Even better, the party is on the patio, not a real lawn, so you don’t have to worry about getting grass stains on your suede bucks. 5.25. 3p. $55
So many more events that don’t suck:
5.23 Glow Yoga
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