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Rosemary Marchetta

Written by Ysmay on .

For our first featured artist in Boston, we are pleased to feature Rosemary Marchetta.

Rosemary has received awards for her work in America and overseas. A multi-faceted mixed media artist, Rosemary's current work is the fascinating Secret Alphabet Project.

Rosemarytalks to MetroSeeker.com about the Secret Alphabet Project and life in Boston.

Unlike our other Featured Artists, the majority of the text is displayed on the right and left of the page with the center of the page reserved for the images.



Data Man by Rosemary MarchettaData Man by Rosemary Marchetta

Data Rain by Rosemary MarchettaData Rain by Rosemary Marchetta

Adam by Rosemary MarchettaAdam by Rosemary Marchetta

Messenger by Rosemary MarchettaMessenger by Rosemary Marchetta

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