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About Boston

Written by Ysmay.

Located on the coast in Massachusetts, Boston is often regarded as the unofficial Capital of New England. The largest city in all of New England and the oldest, the metropolitan area is home to over 6 million residents; only 625,087 in the city proper. Even in spite of its population, Boston has the 6th largest economy in the country and the 12th largest economy in the world. 

Home to museums, sports, art galleries, financial institutions, higher education and much more, Boston attracts people from all walks of life.

Boston has a reputation as a great sports city with fans who are nothing but loyal to their teams. The Celtic fans are a shining example of loyal fans as they had to wait twenty-two long and excruciating years between championships. Even if you have never been to Boston, the odds are slim that you have made it this far in life without hearing about the city's famous Red Sox.

For tourist information, check out the Boston Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

City of Boston's official website has plenty of useful information about the city and offers information on things to do.

Population: 617,594*
Average Commute Time: 28.7*
Median Household Income: $52,443*

*2010 Census Data

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