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5 Austin Water Sports for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Written by Debbie Nguyen.

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Austin, Texas is famous for music, barbeque and for being home to many high-tech companies. What people don’t realize until they take a peek at a satellite picture is that Austin is surrounded by water. Literally. This and the weather mean locals have a wide choice of water-related sports that are offered year round.

The Highland Chain of Lakes is a series of seven reservoirs that formed when dams were built between the 1930s and 1960s along the Colorado River for flood control and for electricity. The lakes start about 70 miles northwest of the city and snake their way right into the heart of Austin. The chain is made up of Canyon Lake, Lady Bird Lake, Inks Lake, Lake Buchanan, Lake Travis, and Lake Austin.

If you are an active sort and especially like water-related sports, Austin is the place for you. If you are a little shy about these sports, Austin is the ideal place to dip your toe in to test the waters. There are numerous clubs and organizations which foster healthful living, community outreach, and even competition. Participating in these activities allows you to have fun while maintaining a high level of personal fitness. You can meet people and establish new friendships.

As with any land sport, there is the risk of injury with watersports as well. Before participating in any watersports, be sure you are able to swim competently and that you know how to stay afloat. If someone has been injured, make sure you know CPR so that you can help. In case you are injured and need treatment, you will need an insurance card or information about your policy. According to www.disabilitydenials.com a disabling condition can also take away your ability to earn a living.

Make a Splash!

1. Waterskiing: Waterskiing is huge in Austin. There are meet ups that connect people who love the sport together. There are clubs that offer the novice lessons as well as guide them through competition. Waterskiing and other extreme water sports, such as wakeboarding can be enjoyed on both Lake Austin and Lake Travis.

2. Rowing: Rowing is a total-body, low-impact sport that has gained popularity. The two major rowing organizations are the Austin Rowing Club and the Texas Rowing Center. Both of these organizations offer beginner to competitive programs and are both located on Lady Bird Lake.

3. Sailing: Sailing is done on Lake Travis. The Austin Yacht Club supports high school teams and offers on-water as well as classroom training for both members and nonmembers.

4. Fishing: You can fish in Lake Austin or Lady Bird Lake. You can catch bass, trout, perch, and catfish to name a few.

5. Water and Kayak Polo: Water polo has gained a larger audience because of the Olympics. Not only do the players have to show endurance, they must exhibit skill and strategy. Kayak polo is also gaining in popularity. It’s basically like polo except players are in individual kayaks.

Even though it is centrally located in the middle of Texas, Austin escapes the feeling of being land-locked. It is surrounded by many lakes, small and large. There are many recreational areas and activities that an active person can engage in. Watersports are especially popular because of the numerous lakes. If you enjoy the water, whether it be for a leisurely swim or extreme wakeboarding, Austin has the goods for you.

Author Bio: Debbie Nguyen is a blogger and designer who needed surgery for a sports injury, and suggests www.disabilitydenials.com as a good source for finding out how to get fully compensated for your loss of income.

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