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Austinites are seemingly incapable of pronouncing things the way the rest of the world does. This can get quite frustrating for a newbie when trying to find their way around. Here is a list of common Austin mis-pronunciations.


Despite what you may think, this street and the river that runs through Waco are both pronounced Brah-ZIZ.


Contrary to popular belief, Bexar, is not pronounced Bex-ar, but rather Bear. Yes, it's true. We could not make this up.


This small ranch town southwest of Austin is pronounced Bur-nee.

BudaBeneath The Congress Bridge by JDS FotographieBeneath The Congress Bridge by JDS Fotographie

While it looks as though it should be pronounced like Buddha, this small town pronounces it's name B-YO-duh. Buda was called "Du Pre" until the 1887 when the postal service forced them to change the name. Rumor has it, Buda is a bastardisation of the Spanish word "viuda" meaning "widow."

Burnet Road

This North Austin road that runs mostly North-South and intersects with Mopac is pronounced Burn-it.

Del Valle

Another example of the bastardisation of Spanish is seen in the name of this Southeast Austin community and school district. Instead of being pronounced as the authentic Vai-yay, it is pronounced Valley.


People cannot seem to agree on the pronunciation of this North Austin street. Some pronounce it Dess-oh; some pronounce it Dess-AW.


The name of a small town south of Austin is pronounced Green.

Guadalupe Street

Not to be confused with, or pronounced like, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Austinites call this street that runs near University of Texas campus Gwa-dah-loop. If it were to be pronounced correctly, it would be Gwa-dah-loop-ayyy, with a thick coating of The Fonz on the final syllable.


A street near Cesar Chavez and Pleasant Valley Road, the locals pronounce the name Lahn-oo as opposed to the more traditional Spanish pronouncation of Yah-no.


One would assume the pronounciation of this small, unincorporated community's name would be Mahn-chak-ah, but one would be wrong. It is really pronounced Man-check. In the community of Manchaca is the Menchaca Elementary School, also pronounced Man-check.


Outside of Texas, Manor is pronounced Man-or - like the large house. In Texas, however, both this road that runs from Interstate 35 to 183, and the town east of Austin, are pronounced May-nor.

Mount Bonnell

People won't know what you're talking about if you don't pronounce this Austin attraction as Mount Bun-null.


Some people pronounce this downtown Austin street as New-AY-sayz.

San Jacinto

Don't let the Spanish spelling fool you; it's pronounced San Jah-seen-tow.

San Marcos

Everybody and their mother pronounces this college town south of Austin San Mar-KISS.

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