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Downtown Austin by Jenn Deering DavisDowntown Austin by Jenn Deering Davis

We know when you move to a new city it is important to see how a city's values align with yours. Studies show those who live in a city that does not align with their values have higher depression rates.

We interviewed residents in dozens of cities, and our interviewees spoke about 7 key values. Take a look at what some people had to say about Austin.



"A great thing about Austin is how easy it is to mingle. I hang out with all types of people. Social groups are not very defined here." - Jordon, 29

"I associate with hipsters, artists, musicians, service industry workers, and corporate climbers. It's easy in Austin to associate with everybody." - Chris, 34

"It's super liberal and laid back, and everybody that's outgoing fits in here." - Ashlea, 23


"People leave their stuff lying around at Starbucks or Austin Java all the time. They go to the bathroom and leave their briefcases and their purses, and you know what? They're left alone. Nobody messes with anybody else's stuff." - Joe, 33

"I feel like I need to lock my house and my car, but I have no reason for thinking that. Just cause I'm in a city, I guess." - Mindy, 28


"It's super liberal here and laid back. People can get away with expressing anything super fucked up about themselves." - Ashley, 29

"We have an unofficial mayor, and this guy is in his 50s and who rides around Austin on a bicycle in a thong. You gotta love it here." - Sandy, 40


"Austin's funky and has some funky architecture to go along with it." - Bert, 43

"It's not a very dirty city. I mean, yeah, totally on 6th on a Saturday night you'll find a ton of cigarette butts and some bottles or empty Solo cups, but its usually picked up." - Jason, 32


"Can't say Austin is more authentic or less than other cities but what I can say is that there's less judgement here than other cities. Austinites are pretty true to themselves and don't get looked down on." - Marie, 33


"Austin is a party town!! You can go out every night of the week and find a good party." - Sydney, 22


"The city blends work and play. Most people I meet here think their work is play." - Meghen, 19

"I love the live music scene! There's always someone playing in a little hole in the wall dive bar that's a totally bitchin musician." - Mike, 22

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