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Texas Gun Laws

Written by Ysmay.

Handguns by YsmayHandguns by Ysmay

Texas is a very gun friendly state. We have outlined the basic gun laws here.

We are not legal counsel.

For more information about the Concealed Handgun Program, check out the information provided by the state where you can even apply for a permit: Texas Department of Public Safety.

  • A permit to carry concealed is relatively easy to get. It is required you have a valid state issued ID.
  • There is no state registration of firearms.
  • There is no waiting period to purchase a firearm in the state of Texas.
  • You may carry open on your own property without a permit.
  • Long barrel guns may be carried open as long as they are not carried in a manner that will cause alarm.
  • You can carry your handgun in your vehicle loaded, and within reach, as long as it is concealed.
  • Your long-barrelled firearm may be carried in your vehicle loaded, and within reach, and does not need to be concealed.
  • There is no limit on how many rounds a magazine may hold.
  • Class III weapons are legal in the State of Texas (Machine guns, suppressors, etc), provided you meet and abide by all laws regarding Class III weapons.
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