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Bike Sharing in Austin, TX

Written by Jenn Daiverson.

Bicycle? How About B Cycle!

Austin has a shiny, brand new bike sharing program that just launched in late December last year. All it takes to rent out a bike is visiting one of the eleven B Cycle stations around Austin and swiping a credit card at a bike dock.

A cool, cherry red bike with a comfy seat and convenient metal basket is released for your use. For the first thirty minutes, you get a ride totally free. After 30 minutes is up, each additional half hour costs $4. Simple, and super fun.

A Great Green Initiative for Austin

BCycle in AustinBCycle in AustinAs we all know, public transportation is usually the way to go to help save resources. But for people who would like to hop on a bike without all the hassle of keeping one and getting it out on the street, the B Cycle bike sharing program is perfect.

The great thing about bikes available to the public is that it promotes an environmentally friendly way to get around that's also a fun and beneficial physical activity.

Look Out for More B Stations

With eleven stations already established in Austin, B Cycle has a new station coming soon on West Avenue between 3rd and 5th Street.

Bike sharing programs are gaining popularity and growing all around the US. One could only predict that, with the support of the community, the stations will keep cropping up more and more around Austin, too.

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