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Getting Around in Austin

Written by Ysmay.

Traffic at Dusk by Phil OstroffTraffic at Dusk by Phil Ostroff

Getting around in Austin can be challenging at best. Driving is a nightmare, and the public transit is often inadequate. Read ahead, take some notes, and getting around Austin won't be a problem.


Common opinion is drivers in Austin are terrible. The drivers are rude, impatient, careless, and aggressive. There are a lot of people in Austin who relocated from other places, and there are a lot of people who drive like Austin is much smaller than it really is.

Additionally, the roads do not often make sense; there are many places where you can't turn left because of a median, but cannot make a U-turn either. As a result you encounter a lot of people making illegal U-turns and turning around in parking lots. 

To get around in Austin by car without an accident, you need to make sure to pay attention to where you're going, and remain calm.

KVUE, an Austin TV station, provides a real-time map of traffic incidents and flow on their website.


Austin Parking MapAustin Parking Map

Parking in Austin leaves something to be desired, but fortunately the City of Austin Transportation Department has provided a map of where to park and the approximate costs. This map is hosted on the city's website, and is a PDF. It was updated March 2011.

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