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Austin's Climate

Written by Cyn.

Along Lady Bird Lake by Cynthia WenslowAlong Lady Bird Lake by Cynthia Wenslow


A humid subtropical climate makes summers in Austin extremely hot, while keeping winters mild and fairly dry. Spring is fleeting, with highs usually reaching nearly 80 (F) by April. Fall doesn't really arrive in Austin until late November.

Normally, Austin has 12 days per year over 100 degrees (F), but 2011 has already seen more than 70. Early autumn is expected to bring little relief.

The average year sees only 18 days below freezing, and perhaps one tiny snowfall that quickly melts.

Austin receives an average of 33 inches of precipitation per year, however, since late 2010 Austin has been enduring the worst drought in recorded history. Water restrictions are in place and are expected to tighten going into the fall.


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