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History of Albuquerque

Written by Ysmay.

Albuquerque, the biggest city in New Mexico, was founded in 1706, and located next to the Rio Grande River. Native Americans populated the land near the Rio Grande River in the 1100s before explorers from the new world brought settlers into the unmarked lands. Francisco De Coronado was one of the first Spanish explorers to have stepped foot onto the newly discovered land of New Mexico in 1540. General Coronado populated the Rio Grande Valley by bringing in settlers from Spain on later expeditions. The colonists that were brought into New Mexico were given consent from the ruler of Spain, King Philip, to establish a new settlement on the outer edges of the Rio Grande River.

Becoming Albuquerque

The Governor of the colony, whom was named Francisco Cuervo y Valdez, was the man responsible for giving Albuquerque its name. In 1706 Valdez sent a letter to the Duke of Alburquerque, whom resided back in Spain, stating that he wanted to name the new settlement Alburquerque. Francisco Cuervo y Valdez showed the ultimate respect to the Duke by naming the new colony after him. As hundreds of years passed by, the extra “r” in the colonies name was taken away changing the title of the settlement to "Albuquerque" which is still used to this day.

San Felipe De Neri, the first structure that was ever built under the colonies new name of Albuquerque is still standing today. Construction of the old adobe church began in 1706 and completed in 1719. The summer of 1792 showed no mercy for the structure, and caused the church to collapse from of heavy rains. The name San Felipe De Neri was then given to the newly built church, which was erected only a year after the first churches collapse. San Felipe De Neri is by far the most historical building located in Albuquerque, as well as being a land mark of the "Old Town."

In 1846 Albuquerque was officially declared a part of the United States of America. During the Mexican-American war, Albuquerque was used as a military post by the Mexican soldiers. Everything changed when the American soldiers arrived and swept out all of the Mexican’s from their military establishment. The U.S. then officially labeled Albuquerque a United States territory. Battling for Albuquerque did not stop at the Mexican-American war. During Americas Civil War, Albuquerque was given to the Confederates because of the Union soldier’s declaring defeat and surrendering their military post.

Becoming a State

After all the war strung battles that had taken place in Albuquerque, the town finally received its independence as a part of the United States in 1885. Not so long after freedom was granted to the town, America decided to label Albuquerque as a city instead of a town. When 1912 came around the citizens of the city were pleased to announce they were part of New Mexico, which was declared the 47th state of America.

1975 was a big year in terms of putting the name “Albuquerque” on the map to the public. Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen created BASIC, which is a computer programming language that was made specifically for the first personal computer. After Bill Gates and Paul Allen created the programming language, Bill Gates had bigger and better plans. Bill created Microsoft that same year basing his main headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Current Albuquerque

Currently as of the 2000s, Mayor Richard J. Berry, of the "Technology City," has been trying to make Albuquerque into a place of entertainment and business. Vast buildings have recently been built in the downtown area and are to be used as new offices for emerging businesses. At the same time the city has been adding in numerous spots for visitors and locals to go out and enjoy the beautiful city. Restaurants, cinemas, museums, and shopping malls are all examples as to how the government officials are trying to liven up this magnificent city.

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