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Written by Ysmay.

MetroSeeker.com goes beyond ordinary residential guidebooks, dreary Chamber of Commerce fluff, and predictable "Best Of" lists. MetroSeeker is dedicated to showcasing the true personality of a city and of the people who make it what it is.


  • MetroSeeker combines psychological studies with expected city information and exclusive celebrity interviews to uncover the true personality of a city.
  • MetroSeeker's free service is dedicated to helping you find the city that fits the person you are, the person you want to be, and the life you want to live.

Topics we cover 

  • Tattoo culture
  • Yoga community
  • History
  • Neighborhoods
  • Getting Around

Our Celebrity Interviews

  1. Our Featured Locals (or FeLos for short) are essentially brand ambassadors for their city. 
  2. Our FeLos include Emmy Winners and Nominees, Grammy Nominees, and NY Times Best Selling Authors.
  3. Notable FeLos include:


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